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"It All Started in 2000"

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets was started in early 2000 shortly after Hoyt's sister's beloved cat Snoopy died. She was devastated by the loss of Snoopy and couldn't bear the thought of just burying him in the ground unprotected. Another of Hoyt's sisters had her husband, also a professional carpenter, build a pet casket from material found around their home. A great deal of thought went into how to build this casket for Snoopy. He was 14 years old and very much a part of the family so particular attention was paid to the design and construction of his final resting place.

"Another Family Member Lost"

A short time later her other cat T.C., also 14 years old, fell ill and died without warning during the night. It was almost as if T.C. grieved himself to death after losing his best friend Snoopy. Needless to say she was very upset so Hoyt being the long time carpenter that he was went to his garage and built a pet casket for T.C. from plywood and trim. He then painted the casket white and the trim gold. The casket was lined inside with white satin from the local WalMart store. This ended up back then becoming the very first Angel Sleeping Pet Casket.

"Build a Better Pet Casket"

Entrigued by the thought that this might be something of interest to other grieving pet owners, Hoyt checked the Internet for the availability of pet caskets. Finding that there were several "out there" he set about the task of building a better pet casket than the competition. He obviously succeeded because Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets is now the number one pet casket company on the Internet as judged by the Customer Testimonials of hundreds of pet owners around the United States. As a matter of fact thousands of Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets are now being used as final resting places for beloved pets and have been shipped to every one of the contiguous 48 states.

Snoopy and T. C.
Snoopy & T.C. to whom Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets owes it's existence.


The Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets Workshop

Making a Casket

Hoyt in the above photo shown working on a pet casket in what is now the 1600 square foot two-story workshop at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets. Departments include not only the workshop but also the Office, Packing, and Shipping Departments as well. Photo Courtesy Nashville Tennessean Newspaper

"Someone You Can Trust"

Since that first day, numerous improvements have been made to the Angel Sleeping Pet Casket Line with 3 different models, 6 different sizes, 8 different colors, and 8 different interior linings now being available on this web site. In just over fifteen years they became one of the most trusted names on the Internet today.

"Created With Love"

What began as a loving hobby for Hoyt has blossomed into a full-time business where hundreds of pet caskets are sold every year. Each and every pet casket is lovingly created by hand as they are ordered. They are not "mass-produced" on an assembly line by people whose only interest is in the pay-check they receive for work performed. They are not ordered from a manufacturer for re-sale. They are built, painted, and lined to your specifications right here at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets on the day you place your order. Every lace lined pet pillow and pet cover is meticulously hand sewn and carefully matched to your order. Each one is then almost always shipped within 24 hours, obviously depending on the time of day and the day in which you place your order. Hoyt, realizing how important prompt delivery is to his customers hasn't missed a delivery deadline in the 14 years he has been in business. As a matter of fact every effort is made by Hoyt to ship orders early.

"Internet Safety"

Internet security and the reliability of the company you are dealing with on the Internet is a major concern to every consumer. By typing either the owner's name, Hoyt Northcutt , or the company's name Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets into any search engine on the Internet you will quickly see that Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets is one of the most well known names in the business.

"Quality Customer Service"

We have worked very hard to give everyone the highest quality product at the lowest possible price accompanied by the highest quality customer service and we will continue to do so.

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Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets

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